Tuesday, November 9, 2010

life interrupted

Well, well...here I am at home.  My good intentions to write about everyday of my trip are now long gone.  Before I move on to real LIFE, I do have to mention and remind myself how wonderfully lucky I was to have experienced that trip to Copenhagen.  It was such a wake-up and reminder to myself of who I am, what inspires, me, interests me, scares me and makes me happy.  I loved walking around the city by myself.  I soaked up the inner silence and let my thoughts wander as my feet did.  The city was so safe, so down tempo and so inviting.  It felt like one big small town.

I have to say that it fueled my creative side again which was nice as I thought it might be long buried.  My eyes were drawn to see things differently through the lens of my camera and I relished any opportunity to go to galleries and think critically within that context.   I had forgotten how to do that.  It also reminded me that art really does make the world go round and how much I believe in its power to make people think, talk and act.  Art is powerful.

One of my most favourite days on the trip (and now will be up there in the top 20 of my life), was my trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.  I was introduced to new (old) artists like Anselm Kiefer:


and re-acquainted with old muses such as Yves Klein.

As I wandered the gallery and it's breathtaking grounds:

I was in heaven.  Truly, I thought this place might be heaven and if it was I was going to head straight to church.  The beauty of the art, location, natural surroundings was almost a sensory overload.  It was so lovely to experience it by myself.  Although I have no one to share this amazing day with, I so loved being at peace in this environment.  Most of the grounds that I snuck into behind the museum were empty and I just zen-ed out.   I walked beyond the museum property into the Danish countryside.  As I walked along a small gravel road I gazed at the piercing blue water and sky.  Again, it was visual bliss.

Ok, so you get the idea.  The trip was fab and my favourite bit was the Louisiana.  I missed my family and it is good to be home, but man oh man, did I enjoy the "break."

We are back into the thick of things here.  Awaiting job news, planning a birthday party, fighting off colds, researching schools and getting chilly.  Winter is on it's way!  Brrr, I can hear the heater click away as I type. 

The girls are in fine form these days.  They play a lot together.  They also fight a lot, but it's always short lived.  As L rounds the corner to "2" I see her asserting her independence and saying "no!" more and more.  Ah, the 2's.   I'm bracing myself.  This time I know what I'm in for.  I'll be sure to clean out my flask and make room for it in my purse.

Time to sign off and enjoy the silence before they wake up.  Shush!!