Sunday, February 7, 2010

west of west

The hub and I are enjoying the last hours of our trip to Tofino.  We arrived Friday morning before noon and have been enjoying every second of R&R.  We're staying at our favourite place Middle Beach Lodge.  It's so stunningly beautiful and such an incredible place to lay low.  We've been laying so low that we decided to forgo the BBQ salmon dinner being served at the lodge last night for another night of pizza delivery and a movie.  I know it sounds so lame, but the pizza is awesome and well, who can beat pizza and a movie in bed listening to the ocean?

My folks are on kid duty and I've been checking in about twice a day.  Damn  - I sure miss my little girls.  I can't wait to hear Annie yelling for us as we unlock the front door and then see Lila's big smile.  It sounds like they have been having a ball with my folks.  I can only assume the grandparents are sufficiently tired and will sleep soundly tonight (off duty).

We've gone on some amazing walks on the beaches.  We are planning on hitting Long Beach on our way home this morning.  It's been so much fun to be alone with Drew.  We've been for long walks in the dark, been adequately loopy and laughed a lot.  It's been so important to remember who we are as a couple.  Yeehaa for this little getaway!

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