Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day 4 in CPH

I'm going to rattle of a list of things that I have taken note of while in the Danish capital before I forget. Here goes:

1.  Danes obey street signs.  They are not big jay walkers and they always wait for the green pedestrian light before crossing.

2. Danes are very family oriented.  You see lots of children in restaurants, both fine dining, pubs etc.  I noticed lots of clothing stores and restaurants have toys for children.  It is expected that they are always out in all public places.

3.  Customer service sucks here.  It's very nice that everyone speaks English, but they really don't place priority on being customer focused.  You often have to seat yourself, ask to order, ask for your drinks, ask for the bill etc.

4.  In a Danish hotel a double bed consist of 2 beds put together and you always get 2 single duvets.  It's rather curious, don't you think?  No sharing blankets over here!

5.  Danes are not very friendly.  They won't be outright rude, but they are generally closed off.  I was warned about this and yes, it's true.  Don't expect a lot (read: any) idle chit chat from them on the bus, at the coffee shop etc.  They keep to themselves.

6.  They tend to be a little more advanced in the environmental sustainability department.  Although after saying that, I notice no recycling bins in our hotel room or lobby.  I also haven't noticed any recycling bins on the street.  But, big picture - they seem to have a handle on electricity rationing, green transportation etc.  I don't know enough about their actual local business practices, but Europe in general is further ahead in embracing 'social responsibility'.

7.  Lastly (at least for today), is that the stereotype is true - 'Danes love their design.'  And my god are they good at making everything (form an apple corer to architecture) look stylish.  Case in point - from the great Danish store "Illums Bolghus":

I finally had my first good sleep last night.  Poor Jenna, she limping like an old lady with all the aches and pains of pregnancy.  It's very cool to think that there are 3 of us on this trip.  I wonder who the wee little Leibury is?  So exciting!!

Ok - time to get dressed and hit the road.  Till tomorrow.

Love to my loved ones!!


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