Thursday, December 9, 2010

giving is good

Last week I took A too our first (hopefully annual) Christmas Wish Breakfast at the Pan Pacific Hotel.  We talked about how we were going to give presents to kids that don't have as many toys as we do.  We picked out a couple of things and woke up early the morning of the event.  It was a special date with my big girl and she got all dressed up in her holiday wear.

We stood in line in the pouring rain with our gifts with hundreds of other folks to give.  Despite the chill and rain, my girl was so good and patient.  We enjoyed some choir music and everyone was in the holiday spirit.  We enjoyed some breakie at the hotel with all the other merry makers and even got a candy cane from Santa.

I sure hope we can make this an annual event and my girls learn to equate the holiday season with giving and not just getting.  We live a very good life and I would like my gals to know how lucky they are and how good it feels to give.

It's been a busy few weeks.  With all the birthday prep for my big girl turning 4 and my folks coming into town, I've been on a Martha binge.  Baking, crafting, cooking, decorating and eating, of course!

I went a little nuts with the birthday party despite my mantra that 'less is more'.  I rented a space at the community centre and 11 kids and 15 adults joined in on the festivities.  It was a success and my girl was spoiled.  She opened present for what felt like an hour.  Perhaps next year I'll take it down a notch....or not.

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