Thursday, December 16, 2010

wintery ruminations

Bowen Island

I do love this season.  Not just because of all the festive pageantry, but I love the quietness of a winters night.  The crisp air in your lungs and barren beauty of the trees.  It also provides a lovely excuse to sit by the fire and drink red wine.  I absolutely love walking in the snow out in the country and hearing the crunching under your boots and the silence of winter resonate in your ears.  When you are out in the country it's as if the world has turned down the volume and you get to tune into the smallest sounds and the beauty of desolation.  Ahhh, I can't wait to spend our two weeks on Bowen Island lavishing in the sounds and scents of the winter woods.

Everyone kept talking about how this was going to be a 'cold, snowy' west coast winter.  Aside from an early snowfall in late November, we've been in the rain ever since.  Nothing usual for these parts.  I guess the prairie girl in me still misses views like this one:

Diefenbaker Park in Saskatoon

The next week is a busy one.  Lots of visiting, EATING, drinking and merry making.  This pre-Christmas yeeha is my most favourite time of the year.  I don't even care for the day itself (25th), but I'm all about the tease and lead-up.  Bring on the tacky, tinsel, garish garland, cookies, carols and all around festive fun.  It's time to get your holiday groove on!

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