Monday, January 10, 2011


They are forecasting snow for tonight.  We'll have to see what that means for us islanders.  We were told to prepare for power outages and being 'marooned' on the island.  It would be awfully pretty up here with some white stuff.

Today was challenging.  There was a loooong wait to see the doctor, two really hungry kids after said appointment, a dog that didn't get a proper walk, whining, teething, a butt rash, a broken button on a couch that is not ours, lots of trips, falls and bumps and bruises.  Ugh.  The good part was visiting the Family Place.  The girls had a play and were mighty happy to see new toys and new kids and I chatted with some island moms.  I've pretty much become a social butterfly and total extrovert and talk to everyone I can about life on the island.  From what I understand, it takes about 6 months to a year to adjust and then people love it.  Hmmmm.  In between challenges I got these funny shots:

As you can probably tell, I'm loving my new camera.  Ooooh, what a difference it makes.  It's so much fun and I guess I think my subjects are pretty cute too.

I'm a few glasses into some red wine and I have to admit that the "challenges" are slowly starting to wear away.  Funny, that.  I'm looking forward to climbing into the big fluffy bed and reading How To Be Canadian.  I found it on the book shelf here, among many fabulous books.  The book is charmingly Canadian and I love that.  Along with Rick Mercer, Pierre Trudeau, Jian Gomeshi, CBC, Neil Young and poutine!

So, I'll just come right out and say it.  We've fallen for a property out here on the island.  We actually fell for it back in September and re-visited it this past weekend.  The love affair still continues.  We saw many other properties, some of which are probably "better for us" on paper.  For example, the place across the street is just as big, in better shape and 80k cheaper (i.e."the nice guy") and yet my heart is in a knot over the one that is a bit rough around the edges, needs some work and a bit more of a handful (i.e. "the bad-boy").   The bad boy isn't bad at all.  In fact it is 2.5 acres of land covered with rolling hills, gardens, grass and woods.  It's over 3000 sq feet of rugged beauty with a stone fireplace, old wood beams and a beautiful view.  It's country living indeed.  I wandered through through the property and imagined it in the summer in all it's gorgeousity.  I heard the birds, deer in the trees, a stream running though the bushes, felt the grass under my feet, a breeze in my hair and saw 2.5 acres of our OWN LAND.  I never knew I wanted that.  I think I just might.  I imagined the girls running around the woods, playing in the trees and watching the sunsets from our deck.  Not to mention the hot tub and outdoor fireplace.   See, I'm too far gone!  We are torn and it's one big ass decision.

I think I might need to pick up this book.  Or maybe this one.

Till the m'orrow,
Farmer C.

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