Saturday, January 8, 2011

day 2 on the Rock

Here we are on the eve of day 2 on our Bowen Island Adventure.  It's been a pretty smooth transition.  The girls and I had our first full day alone here on Friday when Drew commuted to work.  I was a little scared of being left alone on the island with "nothing to do", but that definitely wasn't the case.  Between going to the library, taking Sherpa for a walk, and entertaining my littles for the rest of the day, it was time to pick up Drew from the ferry at 5pm in no time.   We had dinner and then went for a walk in the dark.  When I say dark, I mean, DARK.  Despite being up here on Cate's Hill, which is a populated area, it was pitch black out there.  We all marveled at the darkness and the starts as we made our way down the hill and through the quiet Cove.  The walk back up the hill, pushing the stroller, was another story.  Now that was a workout.  By the time I got near the house, I had my coat off and was ready to take my shirt off too.  I guess I could have.  It was too dark to see anything.  Anyway, it was a good reminder that I can't really attempt that with 2 kids and a dog by myself.  A car is a necessity in these parts.

view from our living room

Sherpa, the most gentle dog I've ever met

our new temporary digs

colouring time
We saw some homes with a Realtor this morning, but nothing caught our attention.  We are off again tomorrow morning to see some more.  After that we will hit the play gym at the school and hopefully grab a coffee and walk.

We all had a BIG 2 hour family nap this afternoon.  Consequently Annie was not too interested going to bed tonight.  She stayed up later doing a puzzle.  She got it for her birthday and it's a 100 pieces.  She did it first with her Dad and then as soon as they finished it she wanted to tear it up and do it again.  This time she did it all by herself as Drew and I were busy with putting Lila to bed and cleaning up.  When I came upstairs after Lila was down, Annie said "look how much I've done, Mommy!  I can hardly feel my heart beating!".  It took me a moment to know what she was talking about, but I realized she was so excited about how well she was doing, that was her best way of explaining it.  Her heart was a flutter!  Too funny.  A little while later she finished it and we all celebrated with a great "hurrah!!" and family hug.  I told her if she can do that puzzle she can do anything she sets her mind to.  She reminded me that she still wants to be a doctor, rock-star and mommy.  We told her those were great things to want to be.

It's very dark, very quiet and my family has all gone to bed.  I can see the lights on top of Cypress mountain and that's about it.  I LOVE the quietness.  I want to breathe it allllllll in.  It's slower here, and we've been enjoying that pace.  As of today we still have 2 more weeks on the rock.  Who knows what will come to mind and heart after this little journey.

these two are pals

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