Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cardio and carbs

Well, technically it was carbs, then cardio.  But the real zinger is that there was actually some cardio in my life.  Not the kind where I run around after two little lunatics in the park who shriek "more, stay, more park Momma!!"  I mean the kind where I consciously choose exercise for myself.  It may have only been a short jog, but it's been a while since my blood has been pumping and the sweat a rollin'.  It was time.  They key is whether I can get my sorry ass out there again...and again and again and again...

Before mustering up the courage to hit the pavement with my sneakers this afternoon came easy part - the carbs.  Oh my were they delicious.  Dim Sum shared with old work mates and oh do we ever know how to do Dim Sum. It was a tradition in our office to head up the road for a Dim Sum feast on regular occasions.  It was lovely to gather and catch up on everyone's lives.  These truly were the best people I ever had the opportunity to work with.  I am happy that everyone has found their way into new journeys and life included!


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