Saturday, March 26, 2011

a domestic rundown

breakfast on the patio at Granville Island

my favourite place in our house

morning reading time
about 8am outside our living room

A weekend full of goodness and light.  Yes, I do mean the big bright light called the sun.  Wowee was it ever nice out.  We spent a lazy Saturday morning at Granville Island eating breakie outdoors in the sunshine.  Glorious, I tell ya.  We wandered aimlessly and ate bagels, soaked up some vitamin D and came home for a super family nap.  The sun still beckoned us so we went out for a walk, then bbq'd burgers and did some hula hooping in the backyard.  After dinner A decided to practice bike riding minus the training wheels.  What courage our little sprite has!

Now I am editing photos and listening to CBC 2.  Duke Ellington just provided a little ditty and now Stan Getz is up.


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