Friday, April 1, 2011

days gone by

Maritime Museum

Kits Point

Lots going on these days.  Cleaning this bloody house to try and sell it.  Arghhhh.  Dinner with pals the other night was a blast.  We managed to stay at a restaurant for over 2 hours.  Little L was the big challenge as the 'big kids' (age 3-5) were content to play, chat, sit etc.  Oh my, how lovely it is to see all our little hybrids chatter and giggle.  I love to see the past and future in those little faces.

We are expectantly awaiting (can you say that?) all of Springs lovely gifts.  Sunshine, blooms and preparation planting for the season ahead.   Although we are uncertain of our permanent place of residence, I can't help but get excited about planting our garden, and tending to our little yard.

The girls seem to be quite a handful these days.  Lila is 22 months and A is 4.  This is proving to be a delightfully entertaining time and quite FULL ON too.  A simple trip to the grocery store is ever so challenging.  Taking photos is also a challenge.  Having your eye behind a lens and not on your young children is not very conducive to concentrating on growing my photography skills.  Alas, it seems that being pulled in a million directions is just part of a mothers job.  You don't sign up for that one, it's just mandatory.  I guess it's the 'eyes in the back of your head' scenario.

Now it's time to get those little people of mine to bed and spend some time with my hub.

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