Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tea for two

practicing her mad new skills in Steveston this weekend

The sun came out for a short while this afternoon and streamed in through the living room window.  With Lila sound asleep and Annie wanting to spend 'quiet time' with me, I decided the only thing to do was to make tea.  So I steeped black spicy tea for myself and raspberry goodness (with lots of honey) for my girl.  She made a train out of cushions and we talked about taking a family trip via train across Canada.  We had tea in the dining car and pretended to ride through the Rockies.

It's nice to imagine my small fingers once wrapping themselves around this cup and now watching my daughter enjoy tiny sips from it.

a childhood cup of mine

There were also many frustrations and irritants from the day, but as I get closer to putting it all to bed, I'll choose to focus on the good.

My eyes are heavy and my head is full.  Good night.

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