Sunday, April 24, 2011

the wheels are a turning

When the sun is out in Vancouver, everything just seems a little bit better, doesn't it?  The temperature was warm this weekend and the city was OUT.  I got to take my new lens' out for a spin to Commercial Drive, Main Street and then down to South Granville.  Wooweee, those babies (Canon 70-200mm F4 and 50mm F1.4) were saweet.  I hung out two nights in a row down at Spanish Banks soaking in the big orange orb in the sky as it made it's way down to the horizon line.  It was a magical feeling.  There is a physiological process that is transmitted when I watch sunsets and see the stars in the sky.  It is so special and I will never ever tire of it.

After a mondo Seder at my in-laws last week, we took a few days to digest all the amazing food.  It was definitely one of the nuttier Seder's we've ever had.  The combo of four children under the age of five and several vodka shots to kick off the event (god bless that eastern European custom), made for one rowdy meal.  Fun!

After celebrating the Jewish side of things we had a quick visit from the Easter Bunny this weekend, much to the girls' delight.

Sprinkled with a bit of sunshiney love from Spring and a new path to follow, I'd say I'm one pretty content gal.  I had a photo shoot on Friday in Yaletown and it was a fab learning experience and I'm hungry for more.  Good thing class is tomorrow.  I've got lots more questions!!

An update on the status of our house coming soon.  Till then I bid adieu and bon nuit. 

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