Friday, April 8, 2011

the real deal

Welcome to the world Celina!  My bestie Jenna gave birth 5 days ago to a beautiful baby girl. I am always in a awe of what it feels like to hold someone so new.  Someone so fresh.  That's the thing about newborns, their innocence is intoxicating.  There is nothing that compares to it.  I held this sweet girl in my arms and soaked in her delicate beauty and immense fragility.  I'm so excited to see who this little person will be someday.  I know that whatever she does she will be surrounded by love and that's just one of many advantages she will have in her life. 

little birdie looking for food

I got up this morning and the weather people proudly confirmed (is that possible?) that this would be a sunshiney day before the rains arrive again.  I just knew we had to get out there for some vitamin D and I wanted to shoot some pics.  I've got a new photo project that I am working on and I need to get out there and get busy in the city with my camera.  Since I most always have my two little sidekicks, they came along for the ride.

We headed down to Yaletown to walk along the water and visit each and every playground we came upon (3 in total).  While the girls busied themselves, I went crazy takes shots of the scenic shoreline.  There is no shortage of subjects in Vancouver and I was having way too much fun seeing life through my lens.

This forsythia tree lives right outside our front door.  I can't tell you how happy this bright yellow plant makes me.  It's blooming and growing and the colour is phenomenal.  Yellow is definitely a pick-me-up.

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