Sunday, March 13, 2011

a precipice

We went up to the Sunshine Coast this weekend.  We wanted to escape our house, well cleaning our house of the two Open Houses we were having this weekend.  A good excuse to head out of town, right?  I LOVE going on the ferry.  It means we are going somewhere away from the everyday and usually includes a big hit of nature. This weekend was full of family, laughs, good food, celebration, walks in the rain, naps, dancing, board games, solo time, photos, beautiful views, quiet night and my gazing in the big night sky.

There is something that happens to me when I leave the city.  I am  I can't ignore this.  I felt it when we were on Bowen Island and I felt it this weekend.  Vancouver, as much as I will always love it, lately has been more of a slightly obnoxious, self-centered, elitist, consumer hungry big sister that won't let 'just anyone' in her clique anymore.  The "country" feels like the humble, inclusive, morally-grounded Aunt, who is full of creative fun and gives you a big warm hug when you need it the most.

When I saw this self portrait of me I was immediately shocked at my crows feet around my eyes.  Then I reminded myself, that each line represents something I earned.  I've earned a lot in my 35 years and yet I feel as if I'm just on the verge of something new.

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